To instill Business Fundamentals AIFMB is offering a Certificate based workshop on Business Fundamentals for undergraduate students.

The faculty have extensive experience of business and have taught in top Business Schools of the world. The workshop will be especially useful for students who have their own Family Business or wish to have their won business.

The following topics are to be covered.

1. Business Overview

What is your business?

a. how it stared and how it evolved?
b. What are your products and services?
c. What needs are these product and services catering – where are they used and for what?

2. Business is Marketing

What is your market?

a. Who are your customers? Why they buy from you?
b. Who are the competitors? Study the leader and two close competitor. How do they compare to you. What is your competitive position. In which aspect you are strong and in which aspects you are weak?
c. What the marketing challenges and what are we doing about it?

3. Business is Operations

What is the process?

a. What are the steps in the process from getting order to final delivery? At each step what happens?
b. What steps we are very good at and what steps we are not so good at?
c. What are the operations challenges and what are we doing about it?

4. Business is People

Who does what we promise to do?

a. Who are key people working in the business? What is their background? Since how long they are working?
b. How does our remuneration policy compared to others in the industry? What is the cost of people as a percentage of sales?
c. What are the People related challenges and what are we doing about it?

5. Business is Money

What is the effect on Money?

a. What is our cost structure? What percentage is variable costs and what is fixed costs? How does it compare to the leaders in the industry?
b. How much money is deployed in business and what returns are we getting on our money? What is the proportion of borrowing?
c. What are the money related challenges and what are we doing about it?

6. Business is Environment

What is the effect of the environment?

a. How is our business affected by external factors?
b. What taxes apply to our business and what is the implication of each tax?
c. What are the environment related challenges?


Please contact Ms Sujata Roy - [email protected] or call up on +91 98339 67687.